Alberta Event Nov. 17th 2016

Dear Trainee,

If you are in any way interested in arthritis research, please consider attending an introductory session to the Canadian Arthritis Trainee Association (CATA) on November 17th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the Feasby Student Lounge located on Foothills Campus (HSC G552).

CATA is a trainee-led organization, generously sponsored by The Arthritis Society that aims to facilitate professional development and networking opportunities for trainees engaged in arthritis research. Our Alberta chapter is just getting off the ground – this will be the first event that we hold!

Whether you are a post-doc, undergraduate student, medical resident or anyone else, so long as you are interested in arthritis research, you meet the eligibility requirements for CATA membership.

On the 17th, a very brief presentation will be given outlining what CATA is, and what opportunities will be granted to you with membership. Following that, attendees are encouraged to stick around for free food and beverages as well as to play some pool and/or foosball.

As we do not yet have a dedicated email list, it will be difficult to assess numbers for our food order. An RSVP isn’t required, but if possible please send one to If I’ve already convinced you to become a member, please send us a message at this address as well.

Our website is currently being updated, but does contain a host of additional information: Feel free to also check out the attached brochure.

Looking forward to hearing from, and seeing you.

Kind Regards,

Johnathan Sevick

CATA Regional Co-Director of Alberta

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