Welcome to The Alberta Chapter


  • We now have 18 members in Alberta team! If you are interested in joining, please tell them to email!
  • In order to improve team efficiency, we decided to allocate tasks by establishing a regional committee. The positions will be elected by the CATA Alberta membership. (See details in upcoming event)

Upcoming Event:

  • Event: CATA Alberta membership Election
  • Location: Survey Monkey (online poll)
  • Time: January 2017
  • The regional committee positions are:
    1. One to two Patient Engagement Coordinators: Responsible for brainstorming appropriate strategies for patient engagement and implementing them.
    2. One Events Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating the annual Walk to Fight Arthritis and hosting at least one other targeted networking opportunity throughout the year (e.g. conference presence, or stand-alone invited speaker event)
    3. One The Arthritis Society Liaison: Touch base regularly (e.g. monthly) with the Calgary The Arthritis Society office to relay any relevant information to trainees (e.g. webinars, volunteer opportunities, funding opportunities)
    4. One Regional Director: Participate in monthly teleconferences with national CATA exec and relay information discussed there to the rest of the committee; keep website up to date; coordinate documents (e.g. event applications and financials of the chapter)


Past Event:

  • Event: Chapter Governance Meeting
  • Location: Conference board room at the University of Calgary’s HRIC
  • Time: December 14th from 4-5 PM
  • Discussed Topics: The composition of the Alberta regional committee.
  • Attendees: John Sevick and other 3 trainees.


Business Plans/Events in the Future:

  • Inter-Province Lab Visits.
  • Physician/Patient care Shadowing Program & Patient-Researcher Interview.
  • Walk to Fight Arthritis